U23/Junior Team

Name: Cate Carabine
Racing Class: High School (NICA)
Bio: I’m 17 years old and on the Ogden High mountain bike team. I’ve always enjoyed riding, but recently I’ve gotten into it more. I love pretty much anything outdoorsy… boating, running, hiking, skiing, biking, you name it! I can’t wait to ride and show off my sick Roosters jersey! :)
profile_hayden Name: Dylan Hendricks
Racing Class: Sport Men 19-29 MTB
Bio:I am 19 years old, graduated from Morgan High School, and currently attending Weber State University to earn my degree in business marketing. Sales associate at Biker’s Edge and diehard singletrack enthusiast.
Anecdote: If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.
Name:  Carter Bailey
Racing Class:  Expert 16-18 MTB
Bio: I am an avid mountain biker and cyclist who loves to race.  I started racing at the end of 2012 and to my amazement took 3rd in my first race.  Ever since then I’ve been addicted to riding and racing mountain bikes.  I enjoy spending time with my fellow racers and especially helping teammates on my high school race team.  I am a Junior at Ascend high school and am going to early college at Weber State University with a 4.0 GPA. 
Name: Joe Luna
Racing Class: Cat 4 Road, Sport Men 19-29 MTB
Bio: I am 19 years old and a recent graduate of Weber High School. This is my first year racing and I am excited for the season ahead.
Anecdote: How come everything costs so much, even the socks
Name: McKay Hunt
Racing Class: Mountain XC Expert
Bio: I am a student at Weber High School. I compete in the Intermountain Cup Racing Series and the Utah High School Mountain Bike Series. I also compete nationally in Xterra off-road triathlons. At Weber High I run cross country, play basketball, and compete in track. In my free time I like to ride dirt bikes, rock climb, boat and of course ride my mountain bike.
Anecdote:“I ride to live and live to ride.”
Name: Skye McBride
Racing Class: High School (NICA)
Bio: I had never ridden a mountain bike until the end of freshman year, but the second I pedaled onto that single-track, I was hooked. Mountain Biking became my sport, my escape, my life-long obsession. All it took was one ride to establish a love for the greatest sport in the world.

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